Zorgen is one of Australia’s largest, most successful and firmly established export distribution operations.

Servicing every tier and type of online & offline sales channel in primarily the Chinese, Hong Kong & Vietnam marketplaces. With premium Australian sourced products/brands and fully integrated business services.

Zorgen work closely with some of Australia’s leading brands, co-developing comprehensive and strategic business plans for sustainable and long-term growth within the Asian marketplace.

We are well known in the industry for our wise, knowledgeable, dependable, trustworthy, accountable and transparent operational methodology. Since 2012, we have built a complex and fully integrated export service model for both online and offline sales distribution channels. With a team of 50+ staff and registered Zorgen entities across Australia, Hong Kong and Vietnam

Zorgen always prefer to work in a close partnership and collaboration with brands and their teams.

We look forward to discussing your businesses exciting pathways forward.
Gary Zhou
Managing Director